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Green Building in Developing

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Green Building in Developing: Policy, Strategy and Technology

For the past thirty years, green building has spread around the world, beginning first in the UK, then spreading to North America, then to Western Europe, Northeast
Asia, Singapore, Brazil and Colombia, China, Eastern Europe, and, in the decade of the 2010s, to the entire world. In each country, it was necessary to put an entire
“ecosystem” in place, consisting of rating systems, training of design and construction professionals, development of green products and systems, growth of
green building consulting firms, development of a business case for commercial investors, etc.

With growing concerns over the rapidly developing twenty-first-century climate crisis, green building has moved away from simple improvement of various
building features such as energy and water use, materials choices, and a better indoor environment, to encompass a broader and more ambitious agenda. Still, the
need for a complete ecosystem in each country remains. The growth of green building in each country will be slow until the missing components of the
ecosystem are put in place. This creates an opportunity for effective interventions by government, NGOs, and the private sector to accelerate green building growth

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