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Strategies for Promoting Green Building

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Ngày phát hành: 6/6/2017

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Strategies for Promoting Green Building Technologies Adoption in the Construction Industry—An International Study

This study has some limitations that warrant future research attention. Considering the large number of barriers and drivers of GBTs adoption assessed by the international experts in the survey
questionnaire and the likely busy schedules of work for the experts, it was reasonable to keep the list of promotion strategies as short and simple as possible, in order to guarantee the quality and
reliability of their responses. Nevertheless, this study still builds a foundation for launching further empirical international and country-specific studies on the strategies for promoting GBTs adoption
in the construction market. A natural extension of this study would be to increase the number of promotion strategies examined in this study. Moreover, the importance evaluation made in this study
could be influenced by the different backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences of the experts, caused by their geographical and cultural differences, because it was subjective. However, it was outside
the scope of this study to investigate the differences in the opinions from the various experts based upon geographical and cultural differences and how these differences affect their opinions. Future
research could also investigate and model the interrelationships among the promotion strategies and their impacts on the GBTs adoption process.

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