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Development & implementation of policies for promotion of “Responsible Business Practices”

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Ngày phát hành: 31/10/2023

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Policy Conference: Development & implementation of policies for promotion of “Responsible Business Practices”

Since decades, the European Union has been strongly committed to addressing the global challenges related to environment,
sustainable consumption and production (SCP), and climate chang;  responsible Business Practices. This has become even more important within the framework of the
new European Green Deal adopted by the EU in December 2019. The Green Deal is the growth agenda for Europe in the next decades,
aiming at promoting circularity in energy-intense sectors, ensuring greener and more sustainable food processing, setting ambitious
standards for products, reducing food losses and waste and empowering consumers in their daily choices for products and
In 2020, The EU adopted as part of the Green Deal’s ambitions, the From-Farm-to-Fork Strategy and the Biodiversity Strategy 2030,
which advocate the importance of reducing water and energy use by more efficient industrial food processes, using biomass and waste
as a resource (the so-called “waste-to-energy” principle), achieving zero food waste, promoting higher products’ standards as well as
healthier diets and empower consumers in their daily choices.

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