The Bristish Chamber of Commerce Vietnam_2022_Vietnam Economy Outlook 2022

Vietnam Economy Outlook

  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary 
  • Vietnam in 2021
  • Vietnam in 2022
  • UK Business Viewpoints
  • References

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  • As part of the British Business Association system around the world, Britcham Vietnam prides itself on being a friendly and professional organization

Executive Summary

  • 2021 has been one of the most challenging times for Vietnam
  • Looking forward to 2022, there are many optimistic signs anf forecasts indicating a strong recovery of the economy
  • However, there are challenges that need to be sorted

Vietnam in 2021

  • Free trade agreements
  • Foreign employee work permits
  • Government support package 
  • Rising of e-commerce and cashless payment 
  • Record-broken stock market 
  • Healthcare is on everyone’s mind 
  • Law on investment 
  • Labor code
  • Law on enterprises 
  • Law on securities 
  • Law on PPP 

Vietnam in 2022

  • Upcoming FTAs
  • Economic stimulus package 
  • Covid under control
  • Challenges 
  • Legal changes 

UK Business Viewpoints

  • Michele Wee: CEO at Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam
  • Warrick Cleine: Chairman and CEO of KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Richard Burrage: Managing Director of Climigo
  • Ken Atkinson: Founder and Senior Board Advisor of Grand Thornton
  • Thanh Pham: Associate Director of CBRE Vietnam
  • Nitin Kapoor: Chairman and General Director of AstraZeneca Vietnam and Asia Area Frontier Markets 

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